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fifty anthems of 2015


there is 2011, and there is 2015, the new epic year of music. this is our midnight selection. enjoy tame impala, jamie xx, sufjan stevens and more.

spotify and deezer (for those left without 8tracks): https://play.spotify.com/user/m_sawyer/playlist/6sinii0DxYriEmX0Edrxh0 and http://www.deezer.com/playlist/1520346131

this playlist is included in an 8tracks official collection. follow @themed-collections to find an amazing selection of the best songs from 2015. check out themed collections in the forums to participate.

50 tracks
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what a great compilation! i know everybody else is saying this, but i was expecting a generic indie playlist and, wow, was i surprised! 2015 was such a marvellous year for music and you've captured its essence beautifully. thank you and congrats!