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A Faith x Buffy fanmix. Parts scattered across the internet. First part publicly published: http://midwichelementary.tumblr.com/post/42372781110/how-about-a-fanmix-for-willow-tara-and-or-buffy-faith

Mix first created in 2011, then edited in 2012, as the first part of a two-parter. I have long since lost the second part.

This centers mostly around the third and fourth seasons.

8 tracks
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@woman of action General apologies-- I don't get how I didn't see this one when I replied to the other, but that's my brain for you-- Thank you so, so much! This is still my favorite playlist I've made, so that means a ton.

I really love that it's mostly timeline appropriate as well as feeling like stuff they'd choose to listen to. Well a few of them are probably missing a bit of that edge Faith likes but that just makes 'em Buffy songs lolz But anyway yeah, the music being stuff they'd have heard on the radio or at the Bronze really adds an extra layer of awesome.

@krisbeta I think this is the biggest compliment I've ever gotten for one of my lists, and it just makes me smile so much. Thank you! (Agreed on them not having that Faith-y edge; I'm better at Buffy's selections than Faith's, admittedly. :D ) I appreciate both the listen and the sweet words!