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{we're gonna run away from here}


a mix for zhu li and asami sato

for ditching the exes and jerks and saying 'fuck you' and running off together for their own sort of adventure

  • Kill My Boyfriend by Natalia Kills
  • Rose by 이하이
    Don’t trust me too much You don’t know me that well yet So just run away run away
  • (에이오에이 AOA)MOYA(모야) by Glowing_Xen
    What’s up with your words? Just be honest Say that you don’t like me, that I annoy you, Wouldn’t that make you seem cooler? How could you? What is love? What is a man? It’s all the same Only tears fall, only my heart tears But I won’t be deceived ever again
  • by Lee Hi
    I’m not that same girl you knew before.
  • Shiki no Uta by Samurai Champloo
    Holding hands, as we picked the flowers -- we sang Memories of that evening (I wasn't there)
  • 02a by Rex Stout
  • lullabies (produced by chris blade) by yuna
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@smokeandbone i'm really glad you enjoyed this mix and oh my gosh thank you so much!!! there is def not enough zhusami out there so i'm glad to be able to contribute to it even a little bit ahah thank you very much for liking and listening!