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the break


for those sleepless nights blotted with bourbon, for a stolen kiss in an empty classroom, for poetry and a shared existential crisis. [story here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/165131]

12 tracks
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i love how the songs in this mix are all unique from each other, but they all compliment each other and the story. the songs give off the same kind of feeling as the story does and it all fits together absolutely perfectly. good job!

@TheOneInTheHole ahhh thank you so much! i put a hell of a lot of thought into it and i appreciate it SO MUCH that you liked it and took the time to comment you sweet sweet soul :D

This whole mix gave me the overwhelming sense of "mixing of the life experiences"- the lack of experience vs the oppurtunity to learn somethin new. it's fantastic. And so appropriately melancholy ;;w;;/

@buttsmut this is the most validating comment ever holy shit! i am really glad you enjoyed it. i am still getting used to the whole "people thinking about things that i made and treating them like they're worth thinking about" so yeah i'm just going to go roll around on the floor for a while .__.