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werewolves of london

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Under the tutelage of infamous hunter Geoff Ramsey, Gavin Free learns the grisly art of stalking werewolves on the dark streets of London.

But what will he do when the chase leads him to the door of Ryan Haywood--the man (at least Gavin had thought that's what he was) that he's fallen in love with?

  • Belgian Blues (Not Art LP by Big Scary
  • Wolf Like Me by Lera Lynn
  • 99 Problems by Hugo
  • Lil' Red Riding Hood (Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs Cover) by The Brooke
  • You're A Wolf by Sea Wolf
  • Marked Man by Mieka Pauley
  • The Builders and the Butchers "Devil Town" Live at KDHX 7/24/09 by KDHX
  • Hunter by Bjork
  • Wolf & I by Oh Land
  • 5/17/78 Uptown Theatre by Werewolves of London
10 tracks
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