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So the common themes here are that a lot of this music has been called "post-" something or other, and most all of the songs seem to me to have a nostalgic feel for one reason or another. Or, to borrow a phrase from F.X. Feeney, I feel like there's something in each of these songs that "either plays to your memory or plays to your hope." Fifteen delightfully painful tracks, plus as a bonus a sixteenth holiday number which is postalgic in its own right.

13 tracks
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1. On a neck on a spit / Grizzly Bear
2. Wouldn't it be nice? / Beach Boys
3. Montezuma / Fleet Foxes
4. Time that bald sexton / Danielson
5. Now that I'm older / Sufjan Stevens
6. My girls / Animal Collective
7. Venice / Beirut
8. Round and round / Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti
9. Temecula sunrise / Dirty Projectors
10. Aminals / Baths
11. Harpooner / Paul Brill
12. Walkabout / Atlas Sound
13. Memphis skyline / Rufus Wainwright
14. Farewell transmission / Songs: Ohia
15. Flamenco sketches / Miles Davis

Bonus track: Joy to the world / Sufjan Stevens