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I rape Bprovots mom, anally.

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you should really, seriously reconsider the title name, you ignorant piece of shit. Change it to something like "I'm a douche bag and I listen to douche bag songs and I think rape is funny and a joke, so you can totally rape me because since I think it's okay to anally rape a mom, so it's totally okay to rape me."

And @lex_dare, you clicked the title because it's awesome to see things such as "anal rape"? What kind of music did you expect to see? Anal rape music, what is that? Is that music you listen to while you anally rape someone? WOW OMG ANAL RAPE SO FUCKING AWESOME YEAH WOOO. YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT. HOW ABOUT YOU READ UP ON ANAL RAPE, OR BETTER YET GET ANALLY RAPED AND THEN TELL ME AGAIN, THAT IT IS AWESOME.