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We Make Our Own Luck


This started out as an AOS Jim Kirk mix and then morphed into a Kirk/Spock mix. I'm not too set on the song order and some tracks lean more to one individual than the other - but I think most of the songs cover them both.

Ah, and the last track is more of a bonus.

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11 tracks
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This is a primo aos playlist. Literally the best one I've heard and I've sampled a lot of ST playlists. I listen to it probability every 8 hours.

I'm overwhelmed with Spock/Kirk feels now. These are so perfect! Great songs and they all fit these two so well.

I love this mix so much. Finally got around to downloading all the songs, making an album and putting it on my music player. This mix always puts me in a good mood and reminds me how much I love my Space Husbands.