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John Carpenter's Drive


Time to go bowling in those slutty heels on All Hallow's Eve. Dad always said don't take rides from strangers, but he never mentioned anything about taking rides from dead guys.

Our soundtrack to an imagined John Carpenter movie.

ArpeggiOH NOOO!!!!!!!!!1

Image from a piece by Justyn Iannucci

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..Snake checks his life clock. 23:20. 19. 18. 17. Didn't that guy say 15
minutes before the last hour was up? But Hauk said they'd been playing
with this, so the 15 minutes was built in already. Still, 23 minutes.
That's cutting it pretty fucking close..

Man, this deserves the Carpenter-esque widescreen approval. Gritty synth cinematic funk. If 'Christine' was made today, this would be a good soundtrack.