Is this playlist safe for work?

i don't remember?


edit: i changed the cover photo!
art credit goes to, check out their lovely art!!


i made this lil mix bc i have a big crush on space dad (honestly who doesn't?)
why did i make a dark-ish/angsty playlist for him tho? who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
edit 2: i know now and it's bc i love evil!shiro thanks for coming to my ted talk

(can u believe i put baby one more time in this playlist i'm so sorry)

9 tracks
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This was kinda funny, I had this playlist open for a couple days, I refresh the page and BOOM new cover art and the songs I think are in a different order? Awesome playlist btw

@mmeagan LOL yeah, I just changed the cover photo yesterday! :'D I made the playlist a while ago but I noticed the cover was hard to see while I was on mobile a few days ago aahhaha.