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Songs from home


Timeless Russia...A collection of my favourite folk, classical, romance, soundtracks from old Russian films and spiritual or religious songs.

I have translated all Russian song names into English.

Be prepared to hear some new and different songs - these are not the dressed-up versions played to tourists, but fifty songs from the very heart of Russia.

If you have questions about the songs, lyrics and provenance please ask in the comments below.

50 tracks
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Мила, это ваша песня номер 20 про солнышко? Изумительно красиво, моя любимая на этом сборнике!

moya babushka spivala eti pesni , i eto napominayet mne o yeye . Vona byla tak mila . ya skuchayu po yeye ochen' mnogo. :'( YA rodilsya v Amerike, no moya mama i papa rodilis' v Ukraine y ya ni mogu govorit' po-russki skvazhiny haha

I love this playlist, I lived for two years and a half in Russia and i Remembered my russian teacher gave this kind of music on a cd so I could learn with them. Thank you for the time you took to make this list

I never told you this, but I think this playlist is amazing and ive been lostening to it weekly for months now. Thank you :)