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Rest Easy, Daniel.


A playlist dedicated to the multi-talented man, Daniel Kyre. He will be missed dearly by everyone.

For anyone listening to this: if you are experiencing tough times right now, things will be okay. Things will get better. You are not alone. If you are or have contemplated suicide, please don't kill yourself. It is not an answer. Please talk to someone. I promise they can help in some way.

Do something nice for yourself today. You can take the time while listening to this playlist to let your emotions out. It's okay to cry; it's okay to not cry. If you haven't eaten or drank something for a couple hours, grab a drink of water/tea or a light snack. Take care of yourself. You are loved.

Photo not mine: credit to bunny-virus on tumblr. Might change playlist later.

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(couldn't fit this in the description) Comments are always appreciated. I created this to remember what Daniel created, and what he leaves behind. This playlist was not meant to romanticize his death in any way, but if it comes across as that, I apologize.