Jerome Soudan started playing music at the age of 5 years old at the Conservatory of Chambery, France. He learnt to play orchestral percussions, the clarinet and later on, acoustic and electronic drums. He obtained a master degree in musicology specializing in 20th century music at the University of Lyon, France receiving a distinction in 1993, after submitting his master thesis on industrial music.
Jerome Soudan then settled down in Paris where he worked with numerous contemporary composers
such as Kasper T. Toeplitz for the GRM (Maison de Radio France) or with rock bands such as Les Tétines Noires or industrial bands such as Von Magnet. In 1996, he moved to Berlin where he started
to work as a composer and percussion player with the experimental band Column One. In 1998, he started his own solo project named MIMETIC.
In 2000, Jerome Soudan established himself in Geneva, Switzerland and began working with the contemporary electro
acoustic group ART ZOYD in France. The group, which exists since 1968, has become one of the main references in terms of ”new music”.
Since 2000, Jerome Soudan is also one of the official composers for the choreographer Carol Brown (a New Zealander, established in London, UK) for whom he composed dance performances as well as video installations. Other choreographers with whom Jerome Soudan worked include Jan Linkens (Comic Opera of Berlin, Germany) and Lionel Hoche (Neerdeland Dance Theater 2 in The Hague, The Netherlands).
In 2003, Jerome Soudan founded with the Belgian, Herman Klapholz, a new electronica project called Wai Pi Wai. In 2005, he won the award for the best design and artwork packaging for electronic music during the French Qwartz awards for the cover box of MIMETIC DANCING “The Changing Room”. The following year, Jerome Soudan released his first DVD with MIMETIC on the German label Ant Zen.
During all these years, Jerome Soudan released numerous CDs or vinyls with various bands on
different labels such as Ant Zen, Hands, Parametric, Moloko+. To date, MIMETIC holds no less then 15 releases. Jerome Soudan took also part in several concerts, live acts, dj sets or performances all
over the world (Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan …). In 2005, he received support from Pro Helvetia for his international solo project tour.
In 2007, Jerome Soudan released a live album « All my lives » on the German label HANDS. Meanwhile, he was also composing the music for the film « Un éclat » by Rodolphe Viémont, staging Olivier Py.
In 2008, Jerome Soudan celebrated the 10th anniversary of his solo project with the release of a 160 pages book with 2 CD’s called MIMETIC X “one more than nine”. The book: International guests
(Paul Kendall (Depeche Mode producer), Franz Treichler (The
Young Gods), Luc Van Acker (Ministry),…) are giving their personal point on view on Mimetic in different forms (poetry, prose or journalistic style). Christian Zanési (co-director of the GRM (Groupe
de Recherches Musicales) INA/RADIO FRANCE) wrote the Preface.
Jerome Soudan is actively pursuing his collaboration as composer and musicians with Art Zoyd for various special shows such as “Metropolis” (with the movie), “Eye Catcher” (with the movie), or together with GROUPE F (fireworks artists). He is about to compose the soundtrack of the next Lech Kowalski’s movie (who did “D.O.A” with The Sex Pistols, “Born to lose” with Johnny Thunders, “hey is
Dee Dee home” with Dee Dee Ramone, etc…)

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