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we fight for the lost

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anderson's speach hit me once again, i did not expected to be broke this quick...nice. also it's cool i kinda feel like the songs goes from the end of the game to the begining like it's rewinding itself to start all over again...but it may just be me. your playlist is realy nice but "farewell and into the inevitable" was a bit too extented for me.

I heard the first track and my heart broke all over again. It was like being back on the Citadel with Anderson at the end of ME3. And then it went right into I Was Lost Without You, which I always associate with Liara (my LI). Farewell and Into the Inevitable takes me right back to the Citadel DLC, saying one last goodbye before heading off to battle. This is a beautifully heartbreaking mix, but it brings back so many memories of Mass Effect for me, and I could not be happier about that. Now I have a playlist to put on if I'm writing some post-ME3 fic. :')