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Lax to the max


Random remixes with stuff like Oasis, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, La Roux, etc...

  • In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream by Major Lazer La Roux
  • Bittersweet Symphony Remix by Sir toby
  • Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run
  • Finally Moving Vs. Wonderwall by Chuckles3492
  • Speed of Sound by Coldplay
  • Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein) by Major Lazer & La Roux
  • Strobe vs. Sweet Disposition (Deadmau5 & The Temper Trap) Remix by Monstro*
  • Clocks by Coldplay
  • Pretty Lights vs. Led Zepplin by hannahgabel
  • The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service
10 tracks
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