Well let's see I'm 5'10, brown hair, athletic... Oh right wrong bio cause nobody gives a shit.

Hmmm, I have a strong passion for music and love to find anything unique, beautiful, different and fun. I typically listen to a lot of dubstep, techno, mashups, electronic. Anything that injects life into workouts and partying. Then there are those calm peaceful times where you want to listen to enjoyable indie, alternative, friendly music.

I played Drums for 5 years so i'm pretty keen on anything with a good beat :) (& piano for a bit but it wasn't my passion)

If you've cared to read this far you're pretty cool & will probably like some of my mixes. Feel free to comment on my mixes. I'm hoping to provide you fine folks with lots of enjoyable music! If you really like my stuff my twitter's on here too :)

I've also started a music blog! Give it a look if you like what you hear :)
Thanks friends!