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hang on as tightly as you held on to me


are you sad about chiaki and makoto? do you need something to listen to while downing your third bowl of ben&jerry's and holding back the tears? yeah me too and this is what i listen to. enjoy (✿◠‿◠) (ps. for extra heartbreak combo! pay close attention to the lyrics)

15 tracks
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i simultaneously really needed this and absolutely didn't at the same time and now i don't know how to operate my feelings thanks (no really thanks amazing a++ mix!!)

(lies down on the cold ground) welcome to my brain while i was putting this together. should i do this? will it hurt me? am i gonna do this? heck yeah. (thank you!!)

Why would you make this mix? Why? IT HURTS. Hurts so good...
I'm very impressed by your inclusion of 'Falling Slowly' actually; not very many people seem to have heard it. Ugh, this is the best/worst thing to listen to after having just re-watched TGWLTT and had heart pains because of Chiaki/Makoto.

Sorry for making you hurt,, i was hurting a lot while making this i had like 20+ songs and listened to every single one at least twice to narrow it down, it was p a i n f u l as heck. I love the Once movie soundtrack! I dont think anyone is fine after a tgwltt rewatch, tbh, so i wish you well!!

Very good mix!! many tears were shed and many muffled whimpers were had.

One question though, does "I'm Not Yours" hold any significance as far as lyrics go? like, is there something from TGWLTT that the lyrics remind you of or did you just add it in because of the general mood of the song? i'm sorry that sounds really rude, but i hope you know what i mean!! ;;

it doesnt sound rude at all!! im glad you're curious! i'm a big baby for angst and so (based on the movie alone, i haven't read anything) i get a feeling maybe/if when makoto finds chiaki again she might've moved on? i saw it as a kind of parallel to her aunt/her aunt's first love you know, the song really struck me as that. i'm glad you liked the mix this kind of comments make me so happy uwu