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the stages of my apologies for hazlitt


; i tried hard to make you want me / but we're not supposed to be
; he only want me when I'm not there
; i never know what to believe in / and it's getting old, it's getting old
; why can’t we laugh now like we did then? / how come i see you and ache instead?
; now i need your help with everything that i do / i don't want to lie, i've been relying on you
; but i can't fix him, can't make him better / and i can't do nothing about this strange weather
; stop is safer than sorry / i just wanted to put it down / bury it down so deep
; i want you to notice when i'm not around / i wish i was special
; we're on earth to break each others hearts in two
; now you're saying that you're sorry but i know that you don't mean it

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