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you were always first


"Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, because as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks 'I'm totally in love with this asshole, aren't I?'"

a fanmix dedicated to the iwaoi fic that made everyone cry, "to be first, to be last".

fanfic ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/2547755 )

image ( http://oldmenyaoi.tumblr.com/post/104368443435 )

tracklist ( http://king-tooru.tumblr.com/post/105935072011/hajime-is-apparently-something-of-a-masochist )

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2 comments on you were always first

don't do this to me man i've read and cried over the fanfic multiple times and this is breaking my heart (like iwaoi is wont to do). anyway good job on this!!! it's a really good playlist, you should be proud of it :)

I think you said this on your tumblr that this was your first mix?? Hehe. Congrats!!! Anyways, I thought this was a really really pretty mix. It's bittersweet and my heart kinda thumps with "Awww that's. That's hella sad." Especially when Distance came on wow. I thought Wonder was so perfect for them?? I could see the song from both viewpoints. While Fools started out in a way that I thought was more of like their relationship from our point of view and then towards the middle/end of the song it went back to their viewpoints. I haven't read the fanfic but omg thank you so much I need more of this stupid ship. Thank you for the links and thank you for the mix!!! Absolutely wonderful. I thought it does capture a lot of their relationship- the part where they've always seen each other as friends and suddenly it feels so much more and it's confusing and they're both kinda scared yeah. That part.