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In the Eye of the Beholder

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Alright, the combination of wistful, bittersweet folksy music, menacing power metal, and most importantly soft nostalgic warm strumming contemporary christian filled with hope and zeal and the desire to be Used By God, applied to the eldritch monster boss? I feel like you went to a conservative co-op or private christian school growing up, had a crisis of faith when some factors could not be stifled or surpressed, and enjoy a suffering monster man a bit too much and often to be coincidental.

@Sinosauropteryx Public school, actually, though I was deeply immersed in a Christian youth group for many years. Got the rest of it right, with a side of me just really liking upbeat cheery songs with disturbing implications to their lyrics.

@miraeyeteeth Ah, that'll do it! And I love that too. Makes me wanna include songs about being Enraptured and Devoted and On Fire For God in some Fear playlists.