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bit tunes collection - 'guessing game' - higurashi edition


this is a bunch of lil bit tunes i made! can you guess which arc goes with which? which story is part of which track?


track 1 - opening; the club
track 2 - arc 1; keiichi kills mion and rena
track 3 - arc 2; mion is seemingly possessed by a demon; torture scene w keiichi
track 4 - arc 3; satoko falls to her death
track 5 - arc 4; shion's punishment; 3 fingernails
track 6 - arc 5; rena's arc
track 7 - season 2/ koro ni kai; something's going on behind the scenes....
track 8 - koro ni rei; rika has to make a decision.. stay in this perfect world? .. is it really as perfect as it seems?

- - -

i just made this for fun!!

8 tracks
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