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"You disappear so completely into your head sometimes," he said. "I wish I could follow you."

[Cassandra Clare]

Tracks by Radiohead, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, and others. Enjoy!

14 tracks
3 comments on Disappear

Like looking at a musical artist view of a black hole. Getting too close can crush you. Some really great songs in this mix. Good one mira---

There is a dark place in everybody's hear that people never get to, but music does :) And it helps soothe the pain! Thank you :)

P.S:I still haven't got yout name :)

Good reply! It says a lot about the healing powers of music. I see a lot of that type of discourse on 8track, how it helps people cope...and even if you never get the chance to make a living with this wonderful talent that you have, well, you are more special than you know my dear:)

My name is Bernie...hence...burnme:)