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Hips don't lie!!

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ahhhhh habibi ya aini is so amazing! who sings this version of it? this is such a great playlist, i've had it on for ages now :)

my friend was sleeping next to me then suddenly she started to dance when she listened to this mix :D thank you to make me laugh about her :D

While I was sleeping 8 tracks automatically selected this mix. I woke up dreaming that I was dancing like belly dancer... and I made that stuff look good. Which is crazy hilarious because in real life I am 325 lbs +/- and I am a man. Crazy dreams, but this mix is fantastic. Thought you needed to laugh today!!!

Haha I did! Thank you, I really needed that! Well, I'm glad it put you in a good mood during your dream, may be it is a hint, you don't know you might have a talent as a dancer! Just kiddin'! But, do you know that there are actually men teaching professional belly dancers moves and all the dancing stuff? They do in Egypt.