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You just have to magnify the pic here! I hope you're not using it as a cover photo, as you did with the dreamcatcher thing where surprislingly you got inspired and you used one of my cover photos and one of my mixes title! Oops! Good luck.

Ummm...The cover photo I used on Dreamcatcher is of a photo one I found on a Facebook page I follow :/
And the title was totally my own creation.

I don't even know if you have a mix named like that or anything, I am really not that follower of your channel.

As for this photo, when I started following you, I saw it long ago. And now that I needed a photo to label a CD I have, I thought of it so asked.

Believe me, if I needed inspiration, I would have looked else where :D

Thank you any how

I'm flattered :) You can become fan of my fb page if you want to :) as for the whole thing I do apologize if it sounded rude, I'm just havin' a bad temper :( as for the photo, as I told you click on + and u can download it! Cheers :)