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Ladies night

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Seeing that you've recently published a mix makes me almost jump :D Still haven't started listening to this one yet, but I'm sure it's gonna be perfect! So thank you for making my days more interesting :)

I'm blushing!! :D Thank you! Comments like yours make me come out with more mixes, and give me hope that one day I might have a chance to be known by a wider range of people! Enjoy :* More stuff is coming out! Get ready to jump :D

I follow you for a reason M. This is a great mix of great singers I've known about and apparently great singers that I'm discovering through you. Thanks for this and all of your great mixes.

how lovely.... how i admire your taste and love in music and your sweet generosity in sharing that love... thank you soooo much miramane! <3

I have no words to thank you for your sweet love! I believe that art's meant to be shared, it's one of the things that we can't be selfish about! As long as I've the blues, this style'll feature in my future mixes. I've been trying to defeat this gloomy mood, but in vain. Suffering makes us appreciate art and feel its depth. Music's my shelter and comfort. Enjoy xoxo