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The perks of being a raindrop


Close your eyes! Count to ten! Let the rain wish away your pain ..

To enjoy these tunes, open a browser on www.rainymood.com and feel the magic!

47 tracks
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*searches 8tracks for an album I can just play and think about life*

*finds this album*

*plays first song*

*crumbles into a thousand little pieces*


thank you so much for this. you will never know how much this means to my life right now.

this mix is absolutely amazing. marry me.

on a side note while you think about my proposal.....i'm trying to find the song Thanks by Shi Guo Xia Mo, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thank you for the proposal :) You must be someone with a great musical taste :) Yes! About the song, I've been looking for it, but I found this one (not sure it is the one you meant) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWh_6FSgJ0w , and in case it is the one let me e-mail the mp3 file to you :)

thanks for your reply...unfortunately the youtube link is not the one i was looking for..so if you could send me the mp3 version of the one in your playlist that would be awesome...thanks :)


I'm really sorry! I couldn't the file anywhere! It will probably take me sometime to donwload it again! I'll let you know