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Two steps from success


Music for brain concentration! The playlist includes Ost's and instrumentals :) Good luck for the finals! Enjoy ^^

28 tracks
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...also the rammstein piano song. A demarcated turn from the usual; original but distracting. Going from rammstein piano to legends of the fall...

Hi! Thank you for listening to my playlist :) Thank you for your comments and your remarks. Well, I was trying to focus on OST's with emphasis on piano, but I got a bit distracted! Any suggestions are welcome.

P.S: You can check my other study/relax playlists: http://8tracks.com/miramane/collections/relax-inhale-exhale-study-sleep-live

Nice instrumentals. The melodies don't have a lot of intrusive noises or interruptions in flow. Good mix to keep the studious on track.