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"The daughters of the Aionians struck up Harmonia's marriage-hymn with dances: the dancing girls sand the name of the Thrakian bride, in that palace and its fine bridal chamber. Aphrodite also, her lovely mother, decorated her daughter's newbuilt bower for Kadmos, while she sang of the god-ordained marriage; her father danced with joy for his girl, bare and stript of his armour, a tame Ares! And laid his right arm unweaponed about Aphrodite, while he sounded the spirit of the Erotes on his wedding-trumpet answering the panspipes: he had shaken off from his helmet head the plumes of horsehair so familiar in the battlefield, and wreathed bloodless garlands about his hair, weaving a merry song for Eros."
-Nonnus, Dionysiaca 5. 88 ff

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