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wrecking ball; a solkat fanmix.


"i'm not expecting you to like me because i don't like me either. i just thought maybe we could be miserable together."

12 tracks.

album art by aristotels @ tumblr
download: http : // www . mediafire . com / ?t4ztsjj6ddq7v1x
tracklist: http : // trollit . tumblr . com / post / 35122389834 / wrecking-ball-a-sollux-karkat-fanmix-im-not

12 tracks
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I just wanted to let u know that when I first found this playlist from tumblr in 2012/2013 I thought it was so awesome that I recreated it on my itunes so I could listen to it offline and now like 4 years later I'm still listening to it. felt like it was important to share this information with u. same for the sunrise playlist, which introduced me to some of my fav artists! thank you for blessing 8tracks with ur playlists :)