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Headphones On, World Off


A few records that, perhaps, are best enjoyed via the medium of HD25-1 II headphones, a fine Malbec red wine, a very late night and a blissful post-orgasm state-of-mind. You know those nights I mean. ;) Includes the likes of Wild Beasts, The Flatmates, Reading Rainbow. Play very fucking loud. Please. x

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Nice mix.
What kind of Pro-ject it is ?
I would prefer Grado headphones / Saint Chinian (or Collioure ) red wine / delicatessen, french cheese and bread ... ...

'last broadcast' by The Soundcarriers; 'i see light' by Reading Rainbow; 'lions and tigers' by Asobi Seksu; 'new town' by Life Without Buildings; 'nothing to hide' by Shoestrings; 'shimmer' by The Flatmates; 'sound of the carnival' by Pocketbooks; 'this is our lot' by Wild Beasts; 'i'm ready' by Th' Faith Healers; 'puzzled into pieces' by All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors. x