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"The Roof Of The World": The Best Of 2013


And so. This is the jet age. The year that was. 2013. A sobering reflection. Different times. You've got to keep moving on. Avoid trouble and desire. Stare into his bright eyes, her troubled soul. It's my game, my rules. A short-list of twenty two songs subtracted from a long-list of two hundred and sixty nine. That was the challenge, a beautiful collision of vision and sound. Just play loud; with or without those expensive headphones you so heart. Here's to next year, baby. x

22 tracks
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mogwai / hungry face; black hearted brother / stars are our home; the mary onettes / evil coast; veronica falls / if you still want me; beliefs / lily; chris garneau / the whore in yourself; camera obscura / troublemaker; public service broadcasting / everest; the national / don't swallow the cap; john alexander / see my grave is kept clean; beach fossils / in vertigo; savages / she will; toy / join the dots; my bloody valentine / new you; tullycraft / all tic, no tac; the pastels / slow summits; john grant / ernest borgnine; just handshakes / london bound; shearwater / fucked up life; father sculptor / lowlands; conquering animal sound / warn me; nick cave and the bad seeds / push the sky away... x