Mirza Causevic
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Some dope ass beats Vol.2

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Playlist includes:

Ratatat - Mirando
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon - Kush
Cypress Hill - Busted In The Hood
Maxim - Carmen Queasy
Dub Pistols - Speakers & Tweeeters (2Bit Thugs Glitch Hop Remix)
Alias - Final Act
Ratatat - Brulee
Alias - Death Watch
Dub Pistols - Six Million Ways To Live (Paul Daley Vocal Mix)
Atmosphere - Peyote
Passage - Unstrung Harp
Big Chocolate - Sound of my voice ft. Weerd Science
Kid Cudi - Maui Wowie
9 Lazy 9 - SundayMonday
The Cool Kids - Big Talk
Trechareous 3 - The Body Rock
Mickey Avalon - My Dick
Eminem - The Suace
Angelcrack - Crypto
Sole - Dumb This Down
Atmosphere - Just For Show
Akala - Shakespeare
Leaf - Coffee Drinker
Tricky - Overcome
Dub FX - Step On My Trip
Kottnmouth Kings - Life Rolls On