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Electric Lion and the Dadafarians


What if dub music would originate from Germany?
What if Iggy Pop would make Hip-Hop?
What if dubstep was a Japanese phenomenon?
What if the Rastafari movement would be like the Goth culture?

This mix tape tries to answer all of these questions with 12 songs.

12 tracks
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1. Talking Heads - Listening Wind
2. The Leather Nun - Slow Death
3. The Viral Dread - Plugged In And Left Alone
4. Carl Crack - If You Mess With Me
5. Jamaican Death Weed - This Is Authority
6. Rikki Ililonga - Soweto: Pray For Soweto / Soweto / Blow Your Mind / Soweto Explosion
7. Killie – H19.08.26
8. 2562 - Jerash Hekwerken
9. The Beatnigs – Nature
10. King Cannibal - Murder Us Featuring Jahcoozi
11. Death Grips - Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)
12. Keith Hudson - Hunting