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black sky


basically i overthink every single haikyū!! character and for a while its been kuroo,, i love kuroo a lot these songs are kuroos songs maybe? idk im too emo and nerd-ish for this stuff i just like haikyū!! and kuroo toototototoo much

(theres some stuff ive been listening to a lot recently and some songs i used to listen to and songs that will always be eternal favorites)

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Just wanted to say I like your mix for how interesting and refreshing the song choice is (I especially liked the French, it made me nostalgic). This is great for basking in my Kuroo feels some more ahhhh~ And I would also like to hear more about your character head canons! What you wrote in the description sounded pretty intriguing already

@gracelikerayn omg thank u for this comment im glad u liked it!!! when i made this these were all songs that kept me going~ haha i kind of just project my feelings into my fav charas so for kuroo i just see him as a worrier and someone whos rly hard on themselves,, i feel like he gets lost in thought a lot and works hard for certain moments (like moments when he can just be calm n content n stuff), man i love kuroo,, haha,, im rly glad u enjoyed the mix!!!!!!! :'-) i hope ur doing well pal!!!