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Not Without My Doumbek!


The drum solo is an integral part of an oriental style belly dance solo performance. Here's a mix of 13 drum solos for you to shimmy, pop, and lock to - perform or practice your drum solo. Music by Sami Nossair Orchestra, Helm, Issam Houshan, and more!

13 tracks
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To the buried,scrunched,INNER FORCES IN SURVIVAL,feed it with this mix,just take of your shoes,a little bit of the covers you might have in excess,from clothes in.CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LET YOUR INNER FORCE HAVE FUN AND DANCE TO THE STRENGTH OF THE BEAT.JUST LET IT BE!!!

just enjoying the first drum solo,y...¡ESTÁ BRUTAL!!!!.It's wonderful!Those beats reaches the soul,to the most primitive instincts of any woman,bringing out our powerful INNER FORCE,