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Don't Go Where I Can't Follow [Hartwin Fanmix]


If this would be a story, Merlin thought, wouldn’t it be that one moment in which the dying person escaped death in the last nick of time? In which their eyelids would suddenly start to flutter because they felt their loved one near them? Merlin looked at the monitors, spread like a fan around Eggsy’s hospital bed. He stared at the curves and numbers, which stayed unchanged; Harry’s visit couldn’t wake the boy. The last hope: shattered. This wasn’t a story, Merlin realized. No blank page, on which someone could write down a happy ending. This was reality and it wrote its lines itself.

[Fanmix for my fanfiction "Don't Go Where I Can't Follow" @ Archive Of Our Own. Harry Hart is still alive but his return isn't a happy one. The brainwashed agent tries to kill Eggsy.]

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