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For the days i don't feel like talking or hanging with anybody...for the days i feel antisocial and a wee bit rebellious :p Everything from artists like Kings of leon to the xx to eddie vedder and many more

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heyy uhh.,, antisocial is a term used for people who are hostile to others and have a distinct lack of empathy and disregard for laws/rules, and are more commonly known as sociopaths (not "sherlock holmes" or w/e, like..,, actual serial killers nd junk) i think ur looking for the word "asocial"

Asociality refers to the lack of motivation to engage in social interaction, or a preference for solitary activities. Developmental psychologists use the synonyms nonsocial, unsocial, and social disinterest. Asociality is distinct from but not mutually exclusive to anti-social behavior, in which the latter implies an active misanthropy or antagonism toward other people or the general social order. A degree of asociality is routinely observed in introverts, while extreme asociality is observed in people with a variety of clinical conditions.