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from girl to wolf to stone


what is it about her / that invokes devotion / she is terrible / yet she is grace / vermillion hands / nightmare smile / pools of blood that spread like light / she reaches out / destroys devils / destroys angels / even the ability / to destroy her own makers
— Amrita C., from “Kali,” Incarnate

what is more unfair
than having to choose
between being a monster
or being a hero?
(—when you have to be both.)
when you learn that
the road to hell
is paved with more
than just good intentions.
— you are not heads or tails; you are the coin

When I say I’m tired what I
mean is that I want to hammer
my body to my bed. As in –
even on the good days
I want to pretend I’m god,
want to pretend that
if I just never move
I’ll go from girl to wolf to stone.
— Darshana Suresh

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