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it could have been anything we want | freakytits


"My grief is silent,
so others think it doesn’t exist.
They look at the unbreakable mask I wear
on my face without realising my insides scream.
They wonder if I ever loved you
the way you needed.
Sometimes they think I am
a heartless thing that never loved you at all.
They think I never deserved you
and refuse to understand the truth of the way I grieve."
-- Nikita Gill

"I am still in love with you
I often try to bury those words
in the safest folds of my throat
where unspoken promises and
lies I tell myself stay
but they still dribble down my chin sometimes
I wipe them away before anyone can notice
but the fact is that they are still there
and even if nobody else sees the stains
I can feel them
and I can still feel you
breaking my heart over and over again."
- ink-trails

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