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an ugly fact of life


I'M SO FULL OF SHIT THAT IT SHOULD BE A CRIME a/k/a songs because i am constantly nostalgic for the days when i had people who actually cared about me (re: friends) before they fucked off due to my Shitty Personality™
tracklist: http://misspepita.tumblr.com/post/145934110596/an-ugly-fact-of-life-im-so-full-of-shit-that-it

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i read the description and??? bitch me too wtf???? like i had great friends in middle school but they all left me for more improtant things. i still talk to some of them from time to time but they're all so busy and dont particulary care about me anymore. and i cant make new friends now cause im practically homeschooled and no one wants to talk to me