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Badass Night Driving

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great playlist! soooo many different genre's but I love them all. once mr brightside dropped i thought thats where you had me but then it was followed by passion pit, free bird, and pink floyd. i can't even say what my favorite part was haha but i'm still on wish you were here so idk maybe there are still a few surprises left before it ends haha

haha well I'm glad you liked it :) I listen to alot of different genres... haha That's the last one though :( I'll make another one soon though :)

yeah, same. i'm pretty sure I like at least some part of every single type of music out there. and yeah.... I awkwardly realized that it was the last song right after I posted and "wish you were here" ended haha. but alright, i'll be waiting for the next mix. and in the mean time maybe i'll even make my own playlist instead of just mooching off everyone elses haha