Mister May
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May 2016


Mixtape Club May 2016, courtesy of Mr May.
My original idea was to have every other song involve some sort of cardiologic theme, aka a heart in the title. However, I realized there are too many songs I wanted to share that have nothing to do with pumping blood throughout a living being. Enjoy.
A few notes: Track 5 - how did you forget that song? Track 6- Probably a new one for everyone here. Track 12 - he's my brother in law, so hope you like it... if not, tough shit. Prince - RIP. Had to include a track from this totally awesome legend of music, thanks to Matt for a Bowie song in the Jan mix. JJ Cale - This is the Eric Clapton song before Eric Clapton stole it and made it into a top 40 hit... also, if you could listen to "cool", this would be what it sounds like.

18 tracks