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"And I will never let you go"


'But in the nighttime, he is too terrified, he is too lost to recognize this. His panic is too real, too consuming. “And who are you?” he asks, looking at the man who is holding him, who is describing someone he doesn’t recognize, someone who seems to have so much, someone who seems like such an enviable, beloved person. “Who are you?”
The man has an answer to this question as well. “I’m Willem Ragnarsson,” he says. “And I will never let you go.”'

a jude/willem playlist, from the beginning to the end

possible spoilers

credit to bowles3c on Instagram for the cover photo!!

track listing: http://judewillem.tumblr.com/post/130124433842/and-i-will-never-let-you-go-a-judewillem

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15 tracks
5 comments on "And I will never let you go"

I think that "If I should Go Before You" by City and Colour could be a fitting addition to this wonderful playlist.

I'm so glad I didn't listen to this playlist while reading the book, it would have killed me. But after? It just brings emotion back in. Thank you for making this playlist, Jude and Willem deserved so much more, but for what they had - this playlist captures it. (I cried my eyes out all over again especially at the With You track)

I knew it would make me cry when I read the title, then I started listening and immediately started crying and it lasted till the end of the playlist. Thank you for creating such a wonderful soundtrack for this couple, it's so them, so beautiful. Thanks!

Thank you, this helped me overcome my feels after I finished the book. It pains me, to know that they did not get a happily ever after. They are such real characters.