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x will always equal x


"...he knows that x will always equal x, no matter what he does, or how many years he moves away from the monastery, from Brother Luke, no matter how much he earns or how hard he tries to forget.
It is the last thing he thinks as his shoulder cracks down on the concrete, and the world, for an instant, jerks blessedly away from beneath him: x = x, he thinks. x=x, x=x."

a playlist about jude st. francis from the novel a little life- potential spoilers.

track listing: http://judewillem.tumblr.com/post/134423824807/x-will-always-equal-x-a-playlist-about-jude-st

English Translation for 'Ich Bin...': http://www.glenngould.org/f_minor/msg04351.html

English Translation of 'Ricordando...': http://pastebin.com/976jvbtT

16 tracks
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