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kpop + chill

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i appreciate that this mix is actually kpop and not slow khiphop and kindie :"D they're good, but sometimes i'm in mainstream groups mood, you know? and most of these songs are B-sides too, that's why people underestimate kpop. (btw thank you now i know mblaq's newer stuff) (haven't checked on them since 2010 and now they still sound amazing) (thank you for this mix)

@indisguise thank you for the comment! I'm glad you liked it ♡ (I always tend to love the B-sides of albums since they usually have more of the style of music that I like)

what the hell did i say, i must've been so sleepy *_* what i meant is, B-sides are often better than the title song and showcases their talent more, and people tend to underestimate them because they dont know what these idols can do... i know you understand but i sound drunk in my last comment x_x (btw i'm here again because i've been replaying again)