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Raptor Assassin's Playlist


Tracks for the next chapter and beyond! Huzzah! I will keep adding to it, so check back.

  • Just by nerdren
  • End Credits by DEUS EX: Human Revolution
    I could see some Garrus and Shepard hardcore ninja shit here.
  • Climbatize by The Prodigy
  • THE FIRST NOEL by Roberto Cetoli
  • desperate religion by atb
  • Grins by Blood Diamonds
  • Synaesthesia (Thrillseekers Live Xtreme Mix) by The Thrillseekers
    saving the day.
  • 501 - Falling Skies<3 by Luca Litter
  • Bastille "Flaws" ( Starshapes remix ) by STARSHAPES
  • Garrus is a badass - Mp3AudioConverter.net by Garrus
10 tracks
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