12 comments on All I Ever Wanted Was The World; a Voldemort fanmix by mistyxday

Bless you for making this. "I'm gonna live forever / I'm gonna learn how to fly ... People will see me and cry." Two out of three!

I love this mix! It's perfect. I think Soundcloud replaced Eye of the Tiger and Viva La Vida with weird versions of the songs? They don't sound quite right

@mistyxday So sorry for late response, I never check my notifs. It does it to mine too. If you click to edit your playlist it will take you to the editing screen. Some of your tracks should have a soundcloud logo next to them. If you click on those, an edit track button should appear. Click on that and it should open a window. At the bottom it says "we found this track on soundcloud! is this correct?" and you can select "incorrect". This should make it go back to the version you uploaded. Hope this helps!