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April 2014 Favorites


A selection of my favorite songs during the month of April, ranging from subdued electronic tracks to pulse-quickening dance tunes. Enjoy! xx

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Its been 4 months and im still comming back to this playlist, thanks for being so wonderful to your fans. Love you mitch!!!

Too bad 8tracks has all sorts of limitations. You can't listen to a playlist 4 times in a row and you can only skip a couple songs. But I still love this playlist!!

I think it's special that you share with us your favorite songs :) it's something different and we can get to know you in some way better :) thank you for being awesome!

Still love this Fakear track so much...
My other favorites are Tao and Minds without fear (I really have to listen to more Imogen Heap, it's a shame she's not better known here, I liked every tune I heard from her so far)
Thanks for sharing :) xx

Ps: Axel Boman's bio is the best :D