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the white ones


the white ones is one of my favorites fanfictions ever. the authour always put songs before the chapters for us to listen while reading.

i'm trying to make a kind of tribute to this masterpiece, with some quotes (not spoilers!) coming along with it. i hope you all get the importance of this fic in this fandom, along with some others.

you can watch the fic trailer here

ps: some songs are missing because they're not available on youtube anymore!

28 tracks
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i'm really sad that i never got to finish the story while the author had it up but this playlist is making me sad(but only bc it's amazing!!)

@sravyak13 owww really? :( i finished when she uploaded it for the first time; then she deleted it and started all over again. such a shame, because she had other GREAT things (as we die trilogy, for example) and she never uploaded them anymore. and she kind of disappeared? i just only saw her in her exo tumblr but yeah. kinda no more b.a.p :( i hope she reuploads it someday so you can finish it! it was truly great! :(