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Amazing mashups/edits in: Mastered! (ER-3) [By MixmstrStel]


Are you ready for a new mashup bundle/compilation series?

Just so I can keep things fresh, I decided to create a new bundle/compilation series, called "Mastered!", to be released every few months.

This mix is the third issue, Issue ER-3. Enjoy!

Also on SoundCloud (with download links): http://soundcloud.com/mixmstrstel2/sets/mixms/

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8 tracks
5 comments on Amazing mashups/edits in: Mastered! (ER-3) [By MixmstrStel]

Hi I meant the remix song as a whole - is pretty amazing! is it on youtube? can you pleaseeee upload it :D This is def the BEST remix of talk dirty I have heard till date

There's an IPhone app for SoundCloud if you want to listen directly from SoundCloud. Search for MixmstrStel 2--it'll be easier to find.

I'm not familiar with the current version of the app but you be able to follow artists too ;)

Are you asking about the whole remix or the instrumental sample used at the beginning and before the 2 Chainz verse?

The entire Jason Derulo mix is a six-track edit/mashup by me. If you go to the "Also on SoundCloud" set link, you'll find it five tracks down.

The background instrumental at the beginning is What So Not - Touched.